Professional Quality Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning in San Jose, CA with a Personal Touch

Heavenly Touch Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning began their operations in 1995 as a San Jose carpet cleaning company and has expanded its service area to include most of the Bay Area. As one of the earliest Diamond Certified carpet cleaning companies in the Bay Area, we offer the best in both quality and customer service.

We provide courteous and professional services to each and every customer, as noted in our Yelp ratings. We strive for excellence in our work, ensuring that all of the customer’s needs are met. Whether your carpet needs a special cleaning solution or a stubborn stain removed, we will do everything possible to make it happen. Our dedication to quality service is evident in every job that we do. Please check out our services page to see the variety of services we offer and allow us the opportunity to serve you on the carpet cleaning in San Jose needs.

Our Happy Clients

These guys are seriously the best! I have 6 college rentals in DTSJ and time and time again they work magic on the carpets! They make them like new 🙂

The team is respectful of tenants and their prices are very competitive.

I will always use Heavenly!

Nicholas O.

Heavenly Touch has never failed us in the years we have used them.  Owner Rod remains efficient, personable, with reasonable pricing, and our carpets and furniture always look great when he finishes!

Melanie C.

I had a chair that was suppose to be tan but was brown due to dirt. I requested a quote and they came by the same day. I even ended up having them clean our couch too. They did an excellent job and even went out of their way to get every spot. I highly recommend them. ** they were also covid safe

Lindsey S.

Quick response, and Rod and his assistant did an excellent job removing a very unsightly pet stain that I only made worse by trying to remove it myself. I highly recommend Heavenly Touch.

Peter S.

A child who was staying with us peed through 2 seat and back cushions on our new sectional.  I called many places, got a lot of advice, but these guys are the ones who showed up and saved the day!  You would never know anything happened to those cushions. Our next sofa tragedy happened with my 2 year old coloring the cushions with chalk.  Did you know chalk doesn’t just brush out?  Well, I didn’t – but they did and they took care of it!

As you can imagine with a small child, we have a lot of spills. They are the only company I call now.  Last time they were here, I asked for an estimate on our wall to wall bedroom carpet.  They just happened to be able to get it done at the same visit and I couldn’t be happier with a clean bedroom carpet.
Prices are always fair, they are knowledgeable, informative and professional. Call them!

Lila M.

Very professional carpet cleaning services with reasonable price. They even moved my nightstand and cleaned the carpet underneath; and raised the nightstand so the carpet underneath will be dry faster. I would recommend to everyone!

Carolyn X.

They were amazing! Able to book for the next morning. My carpets are forever changed! Thanks so much for the amazing job.

Cody S.

I have used Heavenly touch for the last 15+ years. Their rates are fair and reasonable. Their team is always able to get the job done. I am a real estate broker and sometimes the carpets haven’t been cleaned in ages. they even get out spots that other company has not been able to remove. I am always extremely happy with the service, quality of work, and timely completion.

Try them as you will become a loyal supporter also!

Terri C., Coldwell Banker

Carpet Cleaning in San Jose

Dirty carpet? Hard to clean stains? Heavenly Touch offers carpet cleaning services in San Jose, CA, and the greater Bay Area, with friendly service and that professional touch.

No matter how hard you might try to keep a carpet clean – shoes off at the door, and definitely no muddy dogs – carpets still collect dirt like nothing else.

Carpets harbor bacteria and allergens that can ruin the air quality and make life difficult for those who might experience allergies or get fed up with the lingering smells of a dirty carpet. The truth is, even when a carpet looks clean, deep in the fiber of the material can be hidden particles that get stirred up when people walk across the carpet.

At Heavenly Touch, we’ve been offering carpet cleaning services in the San Jose, CA area for the past 20 years. We’ve seen it all and cleaned every type of carpet you can imagine. From matted carpet to thin-fiber material, our cleaning techniques are chosen, on-site, by a trained technician who has already inspected your carpet.

Contact our team for a professional evaluation of your carpet and let one of our technicians recommend the correct carpet cleaning service for you. All our methods are eco-friendly and guaranteed to get your carpet looking, and feeling, as good as new. For friendly and professional service, contact Heavenly Touch in the San Jose area today.

Unsure whether your carpet needs a deep clean?

Carpet cleaning at Heavenly Touch isn’t just about removing stains from the fabric, although that is where we’ll probably start with your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning services also help remove lingering smells, maintain and repair damaged carpet, and make sure that the carpet padding is still firm and comfortable under foot.

It’s recommended by everyone in the industry that you have your carpet cleaned at least once a year. That’s the first question you should ask yourself, and then move on to the other factors that might contribute towards getting your carpet cleaned.

Has your carpet been cleaned in the last year?

Carpets should be looked after. Having fresh carpet installed isn’t cheap, and the long-term effects of good maintenance mean your carpet could last longer than you thought was possible.

In the home, carpets can be worn down by kids, pets and general use. While vacuuming and scrubbing can get you so far, the damage caused by heavy use can often go unnoticed. Deep-rooted bacteria in the fibre will eventually break down the carpet, leading to bigger problems through the years.

For business and commercial carpets, property owners should pay attention to their carpets. If you have customers coming into a store or clients into an office, you want the place to be presentable and well-looked after. A ruined carpet is never a good look.

Have you noticed allergy problems or bad smells?

Two things that are often overlooked when it comes to carpets are allergy problems and bad smells. A dirty carpet can have a big impact on the overall atmosphere of a home or business.

Carpets that aren’t regularly cleaned can lead to allergy problems as bacteria or pollen becomes trapped in the carpet. Deep cleaning gets to the root of the problem and removes built-up bacteria deep in the carpet’s fibres. Ordinary cleaning methods won’t remove the bacteria.

Likewise, a bad smell might be masked by a scrub-down or regular washing of a carpet, but without a deep clean, the smell might return. At Heavenly Touch, we use environmentally-friendly but very strong cleaning materials to completely remove bad smells from carpets.

Some of our cleaning services include:

Some of our polishing services include:

  • Concrete
  • Marble

If your home or business needs any of our services, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We deliver quality guaranteed service to every customer we serve. We have developed the expertise and reputation as the premier cleaning service in not only San Jose, but the Bay Area. Give us a call today at 408.252.5402. We look forward to serving you on your carpet cleaning needs or any of our other services!