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San Jose Concrete Polishing

When people think of Concrete polishing, they often picture a drab, grey material used for the foundation of homes, unfinished basements and sidewalks; but consider the concrete floors that you see in large retail stores and in many industrial areas. These industrial strength floors are durable, decorative, and beautiful. With the help of your local contractor your dreams of having an attractive, very low maintenance flooring option is within your reach. When you choose concrete for your floors, driveway, garage, or patio, you are limited only by your imagination. These floors can look as intricate as stone, as decorative as tile, and as creative as abstract art.

Homeowners everywhere are beginning to understand all of the advantages that concrete polishing have to offer. With our help you can take dull and drab concrete and turn it into a shiny and lustrous floor with a long life and durable surface. Heavenly Touch will use its tools and expertise to polish your concrete, making it less porous and more beautiful than you ever imagined. Now you don’t have to rip out and replace old flooring every few years – concrete polishing changes all that!

Concrete polishing is very similar to sanding wood. When sanding wood, sandpaper is used to remove small imperfections and make the wood smoother. Polishing concrete is much the same except that, instead of using sandpaper, we will use a concrete polisher. The concrete polisher is a machine that stands upright and can be pushed across the floor. On the bottom of the polisher are pads that have discs in them that are filled with shattered pieces of diamonds in either a metal bond or resin-based matrix. This makes the discs strong enough to smooth over any rough edges, cracks or uneven areas. 

Some concrete polishers come in a hand-held form. These types of concrete polishing tools work in much the same way the larger models do, but they are more suited to working on small areas of concrete, such as concrete countertops or more likely edges. We may use these smaller machines to buff up an area of your concrete floor that sees much more wear than other areas, such as the entrance to your home. They are also helpful in making sure the edges of your flooring are completely polished, since these areas are especially difficult to polish.

Once you see how beautiful and affordable concrete polishing is, you may rethink the flooring in every room of your home. Concrete polishing is extremely durable and offers many design options that create a stunning surface. It’s also extremely easy to maintain and keep clean, which is another reason why this material is quickly becoming the preferred choice among many homeowners. It’s important to remember that if you have just had a cement floor installed, you should wait one month after the installation to have us polish the floors.