Upholstery Cleaning

Heavenly Touch offers quality upholstery cleaning services in Los Gatos, California, as one of the most experienced and friendly local cleaners on the West Coast. We’re on hand to deal with hard-to-clean stains and damage on your favorite furniture, from couches to chairs.

Over-the-shelf cleaning products will only get you so far. Many are overpriced and make promises of magic cleaning solutions. However, if you want your furniture to look like it did the day you walked out of the store, Heavenly Touch is the best choice for a quality and affordable cleaning finish.

Steam Extraction: The Best Method for Cleaning Upholstery

Do you have furniture or upholstery that needs cleaning in Los Gatos or elsewhere in the Bay Area? Heavenly Touch provides top-of-the-range steam extraction upholstery cleaning.

This method removes stains and dirt that are heavily dug into the fabric. As well as removing unsightly stains, steam extraction rids your furniture of unpleasant smells and odors. 

Steam extraction doesn’t damage your furniture, and our affordable services halves the cost of renting your own steam extractor, as well as putting your furniture in the experienced hands of our cleaning technicians.


How Often You Should Clean Your Upholstery

You can keep an eye on your upholstery and clean as needed, although a professional clean is recommended at least once a year, perhaps more if you’ve got a busy household with pets and kids.

Contact the team at Heavenly Touch today for a chat and a quote. Our technicians will figure out which cleaning method is best for your type of upholstery, whether it’s domestic or on a larger scale.

For the Heavenly Touch guarantee and excellent upholstery cleaning in Los Gatos, give us a call!

  • Upholstery Cleaning in Los Gatos


Minimum Charge $200.00
Fee per Linear Foot (For Synthetics) $20-$30
*Scotchgard  1/2 of Total Cleaning Charge
Deodorizing Free of Charge