Professional Carpet Cleaning

Heavenly Touch has been offering carpet cleaning services in the Los Gatos area for the last 20
years. From residential carpets to well-worn office spaces, we use a range of tried and tested
cleaning techniques for every and any type of carpet.
If left unclean for too long, a carpet can be damaged right down to its fibres. Long-lasting soiling
and damage will eventually mean you’ll need to purchase a new carpet.
We’ll come to diagnose the carpet and use one of our cleaning techniques to make sure the
carpet is clean and undamaged. Contact us for both domestic and commercial carpet problems.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

At Heavenly Touch we have two usual cleaning methods, the RX-20 Carpet Cleaning Machine
and the Carpet Wand.
The RX-20 is a larger piece of equipment best used on larger surface areas of carpet and can
clean everything from mild soiling to heavily deep-set dirt. We’ll likely use this carpet cleaning
machine in your office or commercial space.
For smaller residential carpets the Carpet Wand is ideal. It removes pretty much every type of
built-up dirt and cleans your carpet fast, with a quick turnaround drying time so you don’t have to
wait around before you go back inside your home.

Minimum Charge $200.00 (covers up to 200 sqft)
Charge for Over 200sqft $0.40 per sqft
*Scotchgard  1/2 of Total Cleaning Charge
Deodorizing Free of Charge


Extensive Carpet Cleaning – Lifting Your Carpet’s Pile

On occasion, carpets may be so soiled that it’s necessary to lift the pile. This makes it easier to
deep clean the carpet and remove deep odors and stains. While this does take longer, and
takes longer to dry as well, you’re guaranteed a fresh carpet once we’re finished. The RX-20
cleaning method will require the carpet to be lifted, though we’ll always discuss this with you
before we begin.

Regular Cleaning Services in Los Gatos

You should carry out regular cleaning on your carpet, but for heavy-duty cleaning, it is much
more affordable to hire a professional rather than purchase your own equipment. Contact us
today for a quote.